August 3 2023
Public Domain · vim(1) No Babies

Wild and Free is the collected ramblings of a dude living a modest life brimming with purpose.

  • Create and preserve as much wilderness (biological preserves) as I can through individual government lobbying and private land acquisition and donations.
  • Inspire people to love, protect, and live harmoniously with other-than-human Nature.
  • Challenge people to reject conventional modern Western lifestyles and embrace older, simpler, time-tested living.
  • Encourage people live frugally and donate all of their wealth to good causes.
LocationUnited States of America
OccupationSoftware Engineer
Net Worth55% of my goal
HobbiesHiking, backpacking, Western calligraphy, bookbinding, journaling, ancient philosophy, learning languages, natural history
Favorite FoodTie between pizza, donburi, and curry
Favorite BandCurrently The Birthday Massacre (criminally underrated)