No Babies

April 5 2018
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Public Domain · vim(1) No Babies

Reasons for people to not have children:

Reasons to adopt (if you must have children):

  1. There are lots of children out there who need good, loving parents. Breeding is far more selfish when we consider that millions of children could use a parent's love.

  2. Adopting might be cheaper. If you adopt a slightly older child, you'll skip some expensive years.

  3. Adopting older children lets you skip some difficult years. Of course they could have some mental issues or bad habits…

  4. Adoption is nobler than breeding. It takes a stronger love to care for someone else's child than to raise your own. It also creates a better world, one with people (you at least!) who care for others.

Dating and marrying partners with children of their own shares some of adoption's advantages.

Bad excuses to have children:

Do you think people who choose to not have children are selfish, immoral, or destroying humanity? Consider this presentation and think again.

Please feel free to proudly display these icons on your website if you don't want to have any more babies:

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